Governance process

The DAO works in the following framework:

  1. Community Discord discussion.

  2. Snapshot voting with SPR as a voting token.

Each proposal should be posted on Discord in the Governance section at least 24 hours before posting on Snapshot, which allows the community to give some feedback, and propose changes.

Why only 24 hours? Being agile and really fast in decision-making is crucial for long-term success.

Stage 1: Making a Proposal and Discord Discussion

Before the main voting, a member of the community should create a proposal in a dedicated Discord channel and follow a specific proposal format to make it more understandable for other DAO members and to articulate the primary goals of the proposal.

Thus, to make a proposal correctly, follow this template:

Proposal type, number, and name: Each proposal must be easily identifiable and correctly classified.

  1. Type: SIR - SGP - SIP - SPP - STP

Spiral Integration Request (SIR)

Spiral Governance Proposal (SGP)

Spiral Improvement Protocol (SIP)

Spiral Partnership Proposal (SPP)

Spiral Treasury Proposal (STP)

  1. Name: The name must be the same on Discord and on Snapshot (Max 10 words).

  2. Number: Each proposal must have a number that represents the post order on Discord and on Snapshot.

Example: SGP-0┃Spiral Governance Framework Proposal

When a proposal is out, a Discord discussion begins. DAO members are to contribute to the discussion by expressing their own views of the possible actions.

The discussion duration is usually 24-96 hours, depending on the community involvement. Thus, if paid enough attention by the members, the discussion moves to the next stage more quickly. In case there is sufficient support among community members, the proposal moves forward to the last but not least step, The Vote.

Stage 2: Final vote

Each member of the DAO can take part in the quote on our Snapshot and, according to their voting power (SPR), affect the current proposal.

The vote duration is recommended to be 72 hours. After 72 hours, a final snapshot is taken, and the community's final decision is announced. After that, the Treasury or Protocol multi-sig should execute the decision if there are no conflicts with the DAO's vision and previous decisions.

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