MAV Spiral Locker

a liquid locker for Maverick protocol governance token MAV.

In exchange for locking MAV in a Spiral Locker, users receive a liquid version of veMAV โ€” Spiral Maverick (sprMAV) token โ€” a token retaining voting power on Maverick that is transferable and tradable.

sprMAV single-staking

  • By staking sprMAV on Spiral DAO, users receive voting power that they can manage themselves or delegate.

  • Users receive additional sprMAV incentives.


  • Biweekly.

  • Users can manage their voting power themselves, or they can delegate it.

    • If users delegate their voting power to Spiral DAO โ€” users will continue receiving direct voting incentives without worrying about voting every two weeks and figuring out the best strategy.

  • sprMAV voters will receive vote incentives and fee sharing for their votes in the form of SPR from auto buybacks in exchange for vote incentives from external protocols.

Voting power

sprMAV outside single-staking don't have to worry about voting every two weeks. Spiral DAO will allocate votes according to the most optimized strategy.

sprMAV LP on Maverick

SPR-boosted pools:

Maverick allows extensive distribution customization, which Spiral DAO will utilize to promote peg support and incentivize LPs.

Spiral DAO will partner with important parties building on top of Maverick and will incentivize building deep sprMAV liquidity.

Later on, Spiral DAO will launch more pools for sprMAV on Maverick.


  • Minting fee: 0%.

  • Voting fee: 0% during the first 3 months. After this period it will gradually grow to 17%. This voting fee will be utilized for the incentivization of sprMAV holders as well as Spiral DAO Treasury needs and strategies.

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