Spiral Lockers

the most well-thought solution for liquid voting in the space.

What are Liquid Lockers?

Liquid Lockers is a well-known DeFi solution for long-term locks. They provide a possibility to benefit from a long-term lock while also remaining liquid. When locking their tokens in liquid lockers, users receive a tokenized version of the locked tokens with the possibility of transferring and trading while utilizing the long-term lock-ups' benefits.

Liquid lockers were first introduced in their "initial" form by Convex and Yearn. However, even though they had a lot of benefits, these liquid-locking solutions lacked voting power and only distributed different yields from different sources. But many people and projects are seeking direct voting power combined with liquidity. Considering that Stake DAO, one of our core partners, revolutionized and reimagined liquid locker solutions.

What makes Spiral Lockers different?

Spiral DAO focuses on the two most important features that users seek in liquid lockers:

1. Deep liquidity

With deep liquidity, anyone can enter or exit the ecosystem without a huge price impact and impermanent loss. The more liquidity there is β€Šβ€”β€Š the more rational the market is. This is why Spiral DAO designed the most liquid liquid lockers in the space utilizing a complex liquidity incentivization and vote incentives program. We believe this architecture will result in a strong peg and deep liquidity for our liquid lock wrap.

2. Keeping your voting power & earn vote incentives

We believe that users’ alienation from their voting power is a huge issue that makes liquid locker a caricature of a liquid locker. It’s not a real liquid locker if you don’t share the ability to vote with your users. Spiral DAO brings liquid lockers in their true form β€Šβ€”β€Š equipped with all the best core features.

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