Token allocation

Team allocation

20% of all COIL future emissions and auctions will go towards the Spiral DAO team under six month lock period. (This doesn't include COIL single staking emissions, only functional ones).

Community distribution

Initial COIL distribution:

  • 75% to Initial Treasury Offering participants

  • 5% to Launching Airdrop

  • 20% to Protocol Owned Liquidity (POL) and the DAO

Post-launch COIL community distribution:

COIL, as well as SPR, has no upper cap on the total supply.

A major amount of COIL will be distributed towards COIL staking. The rest of the new issuance will come from Yield Bonding.

When the protocol emits 100 COIL tokens in Yield bonding, the protocol additionally mints 50 tokens that are distributed to:

  • Treasury receives 15 tokens for DAO needs (Partnerships/DEV). It doesn't dilute Treasury.

  • 15 tokens for maintaining POL. It doesn't dilute Treasury.

  • The team receives 20 tokens under 6 months lock up.

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