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Benefits for the ecosystem

Why Spiral saves the day

No sell pressure on newly minted tokens

Spiral DAO staking works in the opposite way to yield aggregators, collecting tokens continuously instead of causing continuous sell pressure. In stark contrast to mercenary capital, Spiral DAO compounds yields within its Treasury to retain liquidity within the DeFi ecosystem. Consequently, all the liquidity held within the Spiral DAO is beneficial liquidity that supports protocols, and the SPR/COIL tokens act as a derivative of all liquidity, tokens, and rewards held within the Spiral DAO Treasury.
If Spiral DAO has 20% of Convex TVL, sell pressure decreases by 20% in total for both CVX and CRV.

Bigger and better risk-adjusted yields for farmers

Every farmer is rewarded with a lot more COIL tokens in value than in the corresponding protocol due to a yield boost associated with the 'Yield Bonding' process.

One token to rule them all

SPR token is a DeFi meta-governance token designed to influence a large variety of blue chip DeFi protocols. Each Spiral token gives each holder governance rights and proportionate non-emission voting power within all the protocols in the Spiral DAO Treasury. The Spiral DAO team plans to provide the ability to vote in all non-emission votes for all protocols where Spiral DAO has governance power.

Dilution protection

Spiral DAO protects its token holders and users from the dilutionary nature of veTokenomic staking while keeping their exposure within the CRV/BAL ecosystem. Rather than holding an inflationary token, LPs and token holders receive a derivative that outperforms staked and non-staked vetokens.

Rationalizing vote incentives market

Utilizing its unique Treasury rebalancing mechanism and tokenomics, Spiral DAO is designed to utilize inefficiencies within the vote incentives markets for its own good, increasing yields and overall liquidity depth across the vote incentive market and making it more efficient and rational.

Attracting new users

One of the core values of Spiral DAO is to create a new model that is intuitive for newcomers to participate in. By simplifying many complexities within DeFi protocols as well as conducting fair periodical auctions, Spiral DAO strives to foster greater community activity.